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Way We Do Moves to Microsoft Azure

Using Way We Do

Way We Do is built on a Microsoft technology stack, although we originally started our hosting with ¬†Amazon Web Services. As of today — June 24, 2019 — we’ve officially moved from Amazon to Microsoft Azure. The move complements the Microsoft stack we’re using and the recent Microsoft integrations Way We Do now provides, including Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Azure also lets us increase Way We Do’s capabilities in the future, which means more and better choices for our members.

We’ve successfully transferred all customer accounts, including all procedure content and data, to the new platform. As part of the migration, we’ve completed vigorous testing and security measures to protect your IP, and make sure we’ve met all our own data security policies and procedures to a high standard.

As part of Way We Do’s annual penetration test, we’ve engaged a third party security company to test the web application and move to Microsoft Azure over the coming weeks for any possible vulnerabilities. If any vulnerabilities are discovered, the Way We Do team will implement immediate hot fixes.

We have done our best to test everything before rolling out the new platform, but if you do happen to find anything that is not quite right, email our support team straight away. We’ll investigate any and all issues we’re notified of straight away.

If you have questions about Way We Do’s move to Microsoft Azure, or our data security practices, feel free to get in touch with us by emailing support@waywedo.com, or complete our contact form¬†online.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Advance Queensland for their support. By awarding us their Ignite Ideas grant, Advance Queensland helped us with integrating our platform with Microsoft technologies.

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