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Using Way We Do

Every industry is different, and every company has its own set of standards and goals, so we are excited each time we receive feedback from subscribers who tell us how  they are successfully using Way We Do to manage the day to day operations in their unique business situations.

We use Way We Do regularly ourselves and know firsthand how helpful it is, but even for us it is easy to forget how truly versatile this system is. Today, we want to share five examples of how Way We Do is being used right now by successful subscribers across the globe.

  1.  Process Management – A global web marketing agency is using Way We Do to document their sales processes, customer engagement processes, and administration and billing processes. This also includes implementation of services such as SEO, link building, social media, and Google AdWords.
  2. Franchise Management – Laws are stringent when it comes to running a franchise network, especially when facing changing regulations such as in Australia recently. Franchisors who use Way We Do keep policies up to date while monitoring and ensuring franchisee compliance; including franchisees spread across multiple locations.
  3. Quality Assurance & Food Safety – A number of cafes, catering companies and food manufactures are using Way We Do to manage and record every aspect of food safety and quality control. Incoming supply shipments and sample batches are tested against criteria listed in checklists, and photos and comments from these process are recorded in trackable checklist instances. Additionally, flavor, quality and consistency are assured when workers follow recipes and processes exactly as intended and listed in cooking procedures.
  4. Streamlined Processes & Consistent Service – Way We Do is used by several businesses that feature services performed by field technicians. Across these organizations, technicians do everything from installing shelves in vehicles to handling dangerous electrical equipment, and we’ve been told that they are all able to offer service that is more timely, safe, and of consistently high quality since they are monitored and guided by Way We Do Activated Checklists.
  5. Software Development – A software company in US, UK and Australia is using Way We Do to document their software development practices and processes. They also find Way We Do helpful for supporting the helpdesk, training facilitators, and onboarding customers with their software.

We know these are just a few of the ways that Way We Do can be used. So tell us: How do you use Way We Do?

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