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Introducing: Procedure Card Colors

Using Way We Do

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Yes, Way We Do has another exciting new thing to help make your working lives easier. Color coding!

Earlier this year, we added an Edit function to the procedure cards that allowed you to add a background image for branding or classifying cards within a Manual Label. Now, based on feedback we’ve had from Way We Do users, we’ve added color to the mix as well.

Like the image background, you can make your own choices and decisions about how to use the feature – categorize different types of procedures; or color code for different departments… It’s up to you.

Humans are pattern-seeking and meaning-making machines. We look for and respond to patterns in our work and life, and engage more readily when we recognize them.

Color coding has long been used to help improve productivity across a multitude of industries as a quick way of identifying groups of items and tasks in a larger conglomeration – from highlighter pens and Post-It notes, to labeling on crates and palettes.

And you know how much we love helping you improve your productivity.
We’ve created a quick ‘How to…’ video to show you different ways you can make the most of this new feature:


Plus, there’s our step-by-step online guide in Way We Do Basics.

Once you’ve created your key, remember to share it with your team, along with how they can color code cards themselves. You’ll also want to update your on-boarding process to make sure any new team members you bring on are across your color-coding system.

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