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Full Screen View and Sync for Activated Checklists

Using Way We Do

This week we are pleased to announce two new features that will enhance your experience with Activated Checklists. The first feature is full screen view.

Full Screen & Instruction Syncing

To activate full screen view, simply click the expand icon in the top right corner of the instruction pane of any Activated Checklist. This will expand the Activated Checklist to fill the current window. Once the Activated Checklist has been expanded, the steps in the checklist will automatically be synced with the information in the instruction pane, meaning you no longer have to scroll to see the instructions for steps in the list. Click hereto go to our knowledge base and see the feature in action.

Activated Checklist Full Screen View

Paragraph Breaks

We have also added paragraph breaks to the instruction section for each checklist. Now you can add more instructions for your team and ensure that it is formatted exactly the way you want it. Paragraph breaks were added to this section as a direct result of subscriber requests and feedback. Thanks for the suggestion!

How can we help?

The team at Way We Do is always available to answer questions and listen to your feedback. If you have a question, comment or suggestion, let us know at support@waywedo.com.

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