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This procedure provides instructions to a content writer, marketing assistant or outsourced provider to prepare messages that will be scheduled in advance onto the organisation’s social network profiles.

It enables a manager to confidently manage and approve the production of content for social media networks. It ensures that there is always content available to be published onto the organisation’s social media profiles.

A Microsoft Word template is provided for the writer to prepare one message per day, although the frequency can be modified to suit the needs of your organisation. Other information provided in the template includes:

  • Message – the actual content that will be published.
  • Type – identifying the type of message such as a tip, statistic or fact for example.
  • Image, Video or Link – a thumbnail imgae of the image or video to be published with the message (if required).
  • Network – the list of social profiles that the message will be distributed to.
  • Date – the schedule date of the message.
  • Time – the schedule time of the message.
  • Scheduled – a checklist to confirm that the message has been scheduled.

It is recommended to save the “Write Social Media Message Content” procedure into the Marketing section of your Company Manual.

Word Count: 571

Template: Social Media Messages template attached (Microsoft Word .docx)

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