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The content marketing plan procedure is designed to identify and plan all the content that is required to be produced by your organisation over the coming quarter or year and how it will be distributed to your customer segments.

This procedure is to be completed by the Business Owner or Marketing Manager within the organisation and it is recommended to be reviewed on an annual basis (or more frequently depending on your marketing requirements). It contains a one-page template in Microsoft Word format. Although it appears simple, it will take time to conduct any research, brainstorm ideas and speak with the team and real customers to verify the plan.

The plan includes:

Identifying customer segments and their personas
Identifying the real problems you are solving for them
Listing the actions you would like customers to take and how
Listing your unique selling proposition (what makes you different) for that particular customer segment
Listing the evidence that is required to demonstrate that you deliver upon your promises
Identifying where the customer segment spends time online and offline, what they read and who influences them
Planning the content that needs to be developed, where it will be distributed and when
The Content Marketing Plan procedure is recommended to be installed into the Marketing section of your Company Manual.

Word Count: 476

Template: Content Marketing Plan template (.dotx)

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