In this program you’ll learn everything you need to know to become an expert “Way We Do’er”. We’ll also explore how you and your clients can make the most of our platform.

There are five sessions in this program:

  • Way We Do’er Basics: the first session covers what you need to get up and running with Way We Do and how to start documenting your processes
  • Activating Processes with Way We Do: in session two we build on the content covered in Way We Do’er basics, we’ll look at Activated Checklists and how they can transform procedures into living, breathing processes
  • Automation & Way We Do: in this session we get “techy” – but in a fun way! We’ll show you how to inject some “pizazz” into your processes with automation
  • Creating Change with Way We Do: is an exploration of Change Management & Adoption principles and how we can bring Way We Do to life for your clients
  • Future Building with Way We Do: we take a look at building the future through Productization & ROI

Onboarding benefits

  1. Dedicated and in-depth training that will fully induct you in to using Way We Do
  2. Activities and exercises to embed your learning
  3. Small group sessions allow you to ask questions and explore concepts
  4. Talk with other Service Partners and learn from each others experiences

Dates & times

There are two groups available – session times and dates are listed below.

Session TimesUSA & CanadaAustralia, NZ, & UK
Group 1:12pm PT | 3pm ET5am Brisbane | 6am Australia | 8am NZ
Group 2:No Group 2 times12pm Brisbane | 1pm Australia | 3pm NZ
Group 3No Group 3 times7am UK | 4pm Brisbane | 5pm Australia | 7pm NZ
Session DatesUSA & CanadaAustralia, NZ, & UK
Way We Do'er BasicsTue, 4 OctoberWed, 5 October
Activating Processes with Way We DoTue, 11 OctoberWed, 12 October
Automation & Way We DoTue, 18 OctoberWed, 19 October
Creating Change with Way We DoTue, 25 OctoberWed, 26 October
Future Building with Way We DoTue, 1 NovemberWed, 2 November

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