High quality Vimeo videos make your policies and procedures come alive in Way We Do. Create your own instructional videos or add other expert content to your procedures today!


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Add Vimeo Videos To Your Way We Do Policies and Procedures

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  1. Advanced Privacy Settings

    Vimeo provides so many options for privacy and sharing that you never have to worry about your videos being seen by the wrong people. Embedded videos share the same privacy settings, so Way We Do users will need permissions to view them.

  2. Reliable Quality

    Vimeo caters mostly to a community of video enthusiasts and business leaders. This means that the video quality is likely to be high, and there is not a lot of fluff or spam.

  3. Ad Free Viewing

    Vimeo does not insert ads before, during, or after the videos posted through paid subscriptions, so they are generally suitable for viewing in a work setting.

What is it?

Vimeo is a video-sharing platform that allows you to view and embed videos posted by other users. Video creators are also able to add their own videos and share them the world or privately.

Who is it for?

Vimeo videos can be viewed and embedded by anyone. An account is needed to upload and share videos.

How does Vimeo work with Way We Do?

Vimeo videos can be embedded directly into Way We Do policies and procedures. Users can watch the videos on the page without having to leave their Way We Do account.

How do I set it up?

To add a Vimeo video to Way We Do:

  1. Choose a video you want to embed.
  2. Click the Share button below the video and copy the embed code.
  3. Paste the embed code into any policy or procedure in Way We Do.

Are there costs involved?

Vimeo offers a free Basic account, and three paid account options.

Learn more about Vimeo pricing.

Is support provided?

Vimeo offers support in the form of tutorials, online Help Center, and community forums.

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