Smartsheet app makes it easy to plan, track, automate and report on work in real time, so ideas are enacted sooner, and results are undeniable.


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Embed Smartsheet Forms and Spreadsheets in Way We Do Procedures

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  1. Agile Collaboration & Productivity

    Smartsheet offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to configure and improve their work processes as they go. Team members work together with seamless sharing and clear accountability.

  2. Scale & Automate Processes

    Smartsheet app is equipped with forms that make it easy to collect and act on data. Rules for automating repetitive tasks are easy to configure and help to eliminate human error.

  3. Make Informed Decisions

    Since Smartsheet app tracks and reports information in real time, users always have access to the information they need to make confident decisions quickly, no matter how spread out the team is.

What is it?

Smartsheet is an SaaS platform designed to manage and automate collaborative work. It offers real time data tracking and simplified analyzation tools that enable workers to stay on top of current information and make important decisions when they need to.

Who is it for?

Smartsheet works well for remote teams, and teams with many agents performing work, gathering information, or working with clients in the field.

How does the Smartsheet app work with Way We Do?

Smartsheet spreadsheets and reports embed directly into Way We Do policies and procedures using the embed code provided by the Publish feature in Smartsheet. Once the form is embedded, Way We Do users are able to view and interact with the information without ever leaving their Way We Do account.

How do I set it up?

To add a Smartsheet form to Way We Do:

  1. Open a Smartsheet account and create a spreadsheet or report.
  2. Click the Publish button at the bottom of the page, choose your privacy options, and copy the embed code.
  3. Paste the embed code into any policy or procedure in Way We Do.

Are there costs involved?

Smartsheet offers three pricing levels, and an option to customize a plan specifically for your business.

Learn more about Smartsheet pricing.

Is support provided?

Smartsheet offers support through Help Articles, Training Tutorials, Community Forums, and a ticketing system.

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