With SlideShare Presentations you can create your own slide show, or choose one that’s already made, and embed it into Way We Do procedures.


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Embed SlideShare Presentations in Way We Do Policies and Procedures

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  1. Amazing Visuals, Small Effort

    One of the best features of Way We Do is the ability to make your manual and training materials visual. SlideShare has hundreds of slide presentations and infographics made by experts, and they can easily be embedded into your policies, procedures, and checklists to emphasize points and help team members learn faster.

  2. Variety and Versatility

    As the world’s largest presentation sharing community, SlideShare offers plenty of premade, embeddable content. Whether you want to make your point with slides, infographics, or a simple pdf, SlideShare is almost certain to have what you need.

  3. Share and Preserve Your Slides

    SlideShare presentations also allows you to create and share your own slide shows and infographics. Preserve your hard work by uploading it to SlideShare, and then embed it in Way We Do to share it with your whole team.

What is it?

SlideShare is an online presentation sharing community owned by LinkedIn. It offers premade slide shows, infographics and files, and gives users the ability to upload and share their own visuals.

Who is it for?

SlideShare presentations can be used by individuals, teams, and organizations of any size. It is particularly well suited to training materials and providing visual explanations for procedure steps.

How does SlideShare work with Way We Do?

SlideShare visuals embed directly into Way We Do policies and procedures using the embed code generated by clicking the “Share” button. Once the slide show is embedded, users can interact with the presentation and click through slides.

How do I set it up?

To add a SlideShare presentation to Way We Do:

  1. Visit SlideShare.net to choose visuals or upload your own.
  2. Click the Share button under the slide show you want to embed, and copy the generated embed code.
  3. Paste the embed code into any policy or procedure in Way We Do.

Are there costs involved?

SlideShare is free for individual users, and also offers pro plans for people who need more functionality.

Learn more about SlideShare. 

Is support provided?

Support is offered to free SlideShare users in the form of a knowledgebase of articles. Pro users receive premium support.

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