Improve engagement and test the knowledge of your team with Qzzr quizzes embedded in Way We Do procedures.


Test Your Team's Knowledge with Qzzr Quizzes with Way We Do Procedures

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  1. Simple Interface

    Qzzr Quizzes offers a simple and intuitive interface that reduces the learning curve so you can create quizzes faster.

  2. Your Design, Your Way

    Qzzr Quizzes offers design tools that let you change fonts and add images, rich media, and other custom branding elements to each quiz.

  3. Analyze Data Easily

    Qzzr Quizzes also feature data exploration tools that show how well the quiz is performing and how long the average person takes to complete the quiz.

What is it?

Qzzr is a quiz creation platform that allows you to create quizzes on any topic. Quizzes can be used to test the knowledge of team members, and to attract the attention of potential customers.

Who is it for?

Qzzr is a professional paid service that is most suitable to business users.

How does Qzzr work with Way We Do?

Qzzr quizzes can be embedded directly into any policy or procedure in Way We Do. Once embedded, Way We Do users are able to take the quiz and submit answers without ever leaving their Way We Do account.

How do I set it up?

To add a Qzzr quiz to Way We Do:

  1. Open a Qzzr account and create your quiz.
  2. Copy the embed code generated with the quiz.
  3. Paste the embed code into any policy or procedure in Way We Do.

Are there costs involved?

Qzzr offers a pro plan for $24.99 a month and an enterprise plan for $499 a month.

Learn more about Qzzr pricing. 

Is support provided?

Qzzr offers support to subscribers through multiple channels.

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