Prezi Presentations lets you turn your policies and procedures into engaging, visually pleasing, and interactive learning experiences within Way We Do.


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Embed Prezi Presentations in Way We Do Procedures for Interactive Experiences

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  1. Engage Your Team

    The content you add to your company manual is important. Prezi Presentations helps you present that information in a way that is engaging enough to grab and keep the attention of your team.

  2. Encourage Cooperation and Compliance

    Since the human brain is geared to relate to stories rather than written instructions, the story telling format that Prezi Presentations offers is perfect for gaining the cooperation of your team because it creates an emotional connection that gives the information greater importance.

  3. Make it Memorable

    Pictures, stories and interactive content are easy to understand and remember. Team members are more likely to remember procedures that offer these elements.

What is it?

Prezi is a presentation platform that engages audiences with interesting visuals, spatial dimension, and motion. As an online service, it is available on any device from any location, and all account levels offer sharable links that you can track and control access to.

Who is it for?

Prezi is versatile enough to be used by any team or organization. It can be used to create presentations and training content.

How does Prezi work with Way We Do?

Prezi presentations can be embedded directly into Way We Do policies and procedures. Users can then view and interact with the presentations at any time. Embedded presentations can be viewed in the viewing window, or expanded to full screen.

How do I set it up?

To add a Prezi Presentation to Way We Do:

  1. Create a presentation in Prezi and copy the sharing link.
  2. Insert the link into the embed code provided in the Prezi Knowledge Base.
  3. Paste the embed code into any policy or procedure in Way We Do using the video embed tool provided.

Are there costs involved?

Prezi offers a free basic plan, plus three premium pricing plans. Each premium plan begins with a two week free trial.

Learn more about Prezi pricing.

Is support provided?

Prezi offers full support through training, videos tutorials, community forums, a knowledge base, and support tickets.

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