Embed a 360-degree Matterport Virtual Tour seamlessly into your policies, procedures and processes in Way We Do.  Use as a location walk-through training guide of your business. 


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Embed a Matterport Virtual Tour in Way We Do procedures

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  1. 3D Walkthroughs Made Easy

    Matterport’s 3D capture system can quickly create a 3D walkthrough or map of any space. These walkthroughs can be embedded into Way We Do policies and procedures so that they are available to your team.

  2. Share with Anyone, Anywhere

    Matterport virtual tour models are processed in the cloud and can be shared with anyone who has access to the internet. The models are viewable on any device.

  3. Interactive Experiences

    Matterport models are interactive and controlled by users. Technology like this allows in-office team members to learn more about what field technicians are experiencing, and makes it possible for new franchisees to tour the main store without having to travel – There are limitless possibilities for training, reporting, and interacting.

What is it?

Matterport Virtual Tour is a 3D space capturing system that uses a special camera and software to create 3D walkthroughs, maps, and blueprints of any space.

Who is it for?

3D space captures can be used in nearly every industry, and are ideal for real estate agents, construction and engineering firms, travel and hospitality businesses, event space rentals, and interior designers.

How does Matterport work with Way We Do?

Matterport models embed directly into Way We Do policies and procedures, and users can view and interact with the model without having to leave their Way We Do account.

How do I set it up?

To add a Matterport Virtual Tour to Way We Do:

  1. Create a Matterport model.
  2. Copy the embed code generated with the model.
  3. Paste the embed code into any policy or procedure in Way We Do.

Are there costs involved?

Matterport costs include:

  • Camera cost – The system requires the purchase of the 3D imaging camera.
  • Cloud Processing cost – There are several plan options available.
  • Learn more about Matterport pricing.

Is support provided?

Matterport offers an easy to access Help Center, as well as a ticketing system and an active community forum.

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