Increase transparency and teamwork by integrating Box Cloud Storage with Way We Do so your team can have all the template files and information they need, exactly when they need it.


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Insert Template Files into Way We Do directly from

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  1. Share Securely, Sync Instantly

    Files in Box Cloud Storage are easy to secure with sharing links, password protected links, and links with expiration dates. Since you control who sees your files, you can feel good about integrating your files with Way We Do and updating them as part of your daily workflow.

  2. Keep the Work Flowing

    Box Cloud Storage template files are stored in the cloud and accessible through the Way We Do integration so your team never has to stop working to chase down vital information.

  3. Versatile Storage and Sharing

    Box allows you to store and preview over 100 file types, without having to download anything, so even remote workers can access important information without having to upgrade their own software.

What is it?

Box Cloud Storage is a file management platform that allows teams to securely share and access files from any device or location. Team members can collaborate on shared files, add notes and photos, and have instant access to the information they need to get work done.

Who is it for?

Box Cloud Storage is versatile enough to be used by any organization, in any industry. It can be used to store content, collaborate on projects, report developments and more. As an online service, Box app can be accessed on any device, from any location.

How does Typeform work with Way We Do?

Way We Do Administrators and Editors can attach files directly from Box to any policy, procedure or checklist in Way We Do. Since the files stay connected to the Box app, they will be updated automatically any time a change is made to the file so teams can easily collaborate on integrated files.

How do I set it up?

To integrate Box Cloud Storage with Way We Do:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Box app account.
  2. Click the attachment icon in any Way We Do procedure.
  3. Choose Box as the storage source, then select the file you want to integrate.

Are there costs involved?

Box Cloud Storage offers Individual, Business, and Platform plans in various sizes and price points. Many plans come with a free trial period.

Learn more about Box pricing. 

Is support provided?

Box offers many support options including a support community, knowledgebase, and customer service representatives. Access to support will vary depending on the plan you are signed up for.

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