Add rich media such as video

For visual learners, addition of video and images to your procedures is a powerful way to deliver information and training. It makes procedures look good!

Way We Do enables you to add rich media files such as video and animation from any video sharing platform such as YouTube or Vimeo.  There are privacy settings within YouTube and Vimeo that prevent your video content from appearing within their search results.

Way We Do’s preferred business video solution is We’ll also be adding other exciting features relating to video to Way We Do in the near future.

Add video and images to your procedures

Your videos can be shot from your smart phone, web camera or handycam. Additionally, you can create “screencasts” if you want to demonstrate applications from your computer. Software such as Camtasia is great for creating screencasts.

If you’re not ready for video, images and photos can be taken from your phone or from other Internet sources and uploaded directly to Way We Do.

Systemize your business with Way We Do today.