Why should I pay a subscription fee each month?

Way We Do offers more than creating an Operations Manual for your business, it helps you to maintain it and enables your team to actively use it. Since Way We Do does not lock you into any long term contracts, you can unsubscribe at any time. It is your choice. You can create your manual, print it and unsubscribe from the Way We Do service.

However, following are reasons why you won’t want to unsubscribe. Way We Do offers exceptional value by making your Operations Manual more interactive, accessible and smarter than ever before.  For a small nominal monthly fee each month, it is far more cost effective to keep Way We Do as part of your business technology, than to use MS Word or other solutions.

Traditional Operations Manuals:

  • Go out of date very quickly because they get forgotten about and not get updated.
  • Your team won’t necessarily know which the latest version is. E.g. Is it the one on Sally’s desk or the folder on Bob’s desk?
  • It takes longer to find information quickly because you have to flip through the paper-based manual to find what you are looking for.
  • Normally you have to be in the office to access the manual. The team can’t look up a topic in their own time.
  • They are not interactive and can be dull and boring.
  • Paper based manuals become tattered, get wet and easily destroyed.
  • MS Word documents can become corrupted with viruses and you can lose everything.

Way We Do Operations Manuals:

  • The latest version is always online.
  • Way We Do backs up your content daily so that it is safe and secure.
  • Way We Do tracks who is accessing your Operations Manual and when.
  • You can update your Operations Manual from home or the office or store.  Way We Do procedures have revision dates to remind you when your manual needs to be reviewed and updated.
  • You can print all or parts of the manual at any time.
  • You can invite new team members to access the Induction materials BEFORE they start working with you. You can see when they last logged in to know if they are motivated to work for your business.
  • Team members are able to learn their work instructions in their own time, on their own devices.
  • Team members are able to access their work instructions while on the job in your store, in the office or out in the field.
  • Your Operations Manual can be interactive by adding video, powerpoint presentations, diagrams and more.
  • Your team can electronically sign-off on policies and procedures to accept that they understand them. Acceptance is recorded and can be reported upon at any time.
  • Way We Do emails your team with links to policies and procedures that are part of their role. It reminds them to stay up to date on the way you do things in your business.
  • People are attracted to businesses that use technology. Way We Do helps to attract the best staff because it demonstrates you are a leader.
  • Way We Do is continually developed, so you get the latest features and functionality within your subscription fee each month.
  • All data and content in business is going cloud-based. Don’t be left behind. Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it!


Systemize your business with Way We Do today.