In this program you’ll learn how to deliver the Cyber Essentials program to your clients. Based upon Cyber Essentials UK and Essential Eight (E8) standards, you will be provided with presentation materials, consultant guides and facilitator notes, and required policy, process, and procedure templates.

There are five sessions in this program:

  • Secure your internet connection: session one focuses on Networks and Firewalls, so your clients understand the basics of ensuring their internet connection is secured and why this is important as the first stage of Cyber Essentials. This session includes a Network Security Policy, related firewall procedures, and change management processes.  
  • Secure your devices and software: in session two, we explore how to deliver consulting and training for Password Security, Device and Hardware Security, Software Security, Cloud-computing, and Change Management. Templates include a range of policies such as BYOD Policy, Password Policy, Software Policy, as well as processes for conducting audits and reviews. 
  • Control access to your data and services: in this session consultants will learn how to educate clients about the importance of controlling access to data and services, including the policies and controls that every organization should have to safeguard information. Templates relate to Acceptable Use, Access Control, Administration Access, Physical & Environmental Security and more. 
  • Protect against viruses and other malware: this session helps consultants educate clients about what viruses and malware are, and how to respond to incidents. Templates include policies for Anti-malware, Electronic Messaging, process for incident response, and Information Security Awareness Training for the client’s team. 
  • Keep your devices and software up to date: the last session helps consultants emphasize to clients the importance of keeping devices and software up to date. Templates include a procedures for Software Inventory and Register, as well as Patch Management, and conducting Vulnerability Assessments. 

Each session will entail: 

  • Creation of the training presentation and consultant guide that includes your “teachable” definitions, to deliver the Cyber Essentials program topics within Way We Do to your client (at a level your client understands)
  • Pre-defined activities and discussion points to explore with your clients within consulting sessions
  • Recommended consulting session agendas and timing
  • Run through of relevant policy, process and procedure templates and supporting documents
  • Role playing to practice your presentation delivery style

Cyber Essentials consultant onboarding benefits:

  1. Dedicated and in-depth training that will fully induct you in delivering Cyber Essentials to your clients
  2. Activities and exercises to embed your learning
  3. Small group sessions allow you to ask questions and explore concepts
  4. Talk with other Service Partners and learn from each others experiences

Dates & times

There are two groups available – session times and dates are listed below.

Wednesday, 7 September4pm
Wednesday, 14 September4pm
Wednesday, 21 September4pm
Wednesday, 728September4pm
Wednesday, 5 October4pm

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