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Coming Soon! New Procedure Authoring Process

Using Way We Do

This is our “early warning” about our next coming attraction: a new procedure authoring process for both stand-alone procedures and Activated Checklists. The new process will address three things the Way We Do community has been asking us about.

  1. General users can’t access procedures with Draft and Pending Review status.
  2. When a procedure is being edited or updated, the Published version is still available to general users.
  3. Version numbering.

At the moment, editors can author procedures that have an immediate status of Published, even though there’s an option to change the status to Draft or Pending Review. The new process will lead editors through a publishing process where the SOP starts off in Draft. When the procedure is ready, the editor can change the status to Pending Review, to get feedback and final approval.  Once approved, the editor can then change the SOP status to Published. We’re also including the option to go direct from Draft to Published.

Webinars Prior to Release

Usually, we’d develop the feature or functionality, conduct several rounds of testing, Go Live, then tell you about the changes.  This time, we want to give you more information and training before the release date. While it may appear to be a small change, it’s bigger than it looks, and we want you to feel confident with it from Day 1.

It’s important for us to help you understand the coming changes so you can transition across as smoothly as possible. Someone from Way We Do’s Customer Success Team will be in touch with you in the lead up to the webinars to let you know about webinar dates (we’re working toward some time in May), and book in one-to-one sessions with your own team members.

And after the release, we’ll post a procedure authoring tutorial on our YouTube Channel for you to access any time you need it.

Let us know what you think!

Of course, with any newly released features, we need to know what you think. Does it meet your needs? Would you like to see some other capability added into the solution? What do you like, and would like to see more of?

We’re always listening to what you’re telling us (and taking lots of notes!) and bringing your thoughts and ideas into our Product Roadmap planning sessions. If you happen to be talking with someone in our customer success team, feel free to share your thoughts at the time. And of course, you can always reach out over email at support@waywedo.com.

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