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New Features – Automatic Image Resizing and Review History

Using Way We Do

We’ve upgraded your experience with Way We Do by adding two new features:

Automatic Image Resizing

Images increase clarity and add interest to your policies and procedures. Unfortunately, if images are not optimized correctly for online viewing they can also increase the time it takes for procedures to load on the screen.

In order to help decrease your loading times, we have introduced an automatic image resizing feature to Way We Do. Now photos that are added to your documents will be automatically reduced to the optimal size for each procedure.

Since the images are only optimized within the document itself, you can still view  full size images when you need to by clicking on the image to expand it. Full size images are also available to view or download by clicking the attachment button at the right of the editing screen.

Review History

When a policy or procedure is in Pending Review status, anyone who is invited to review can leave comments on the procedure. These comments provide valuable revision records and information that is no longer visible once the procedure is published.

The new Review History section will  ensure that your team will never lose this valuable information, and that you will never lose unnecessary time trying to remember the details of the revision process.

You can access the full Review History through the Push Navigation Menu while you are in the Reports section of your Way We Do account.

Navigate to Review History in the Push Navigation Menu

The Review History shows a list of procedures that have been reviewed by your team. The list can be sorted by procedure, label or reviewer. When sorted by procedure, the number of comments and actions is shown in the far right column. You can access a detailed Review Report for each procedure by clicking this number.

Review History

The Review Report  not only lists all the comments that were made while the procedure was Pending Review, but also shows who made the comment, and the exact date and time the comment was made. The report also lists actions taken, such as review invitations and approvals.

If you need to print the report, simply click the CSV button in the top right of the screen to download the file.

Action and Comment list

To protect your confidential information, we have made the Review History available only to Administrators. Please let us know if you require full access for Editors.

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