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New Edit Locking and Versioning features are protecting your content on Way We Do.

Using Way We Do

At Way We Do, we are always working hard to improve our system, and make your job easier. Today we want to let you know about two new upgrades that we have made: Edit Locking and Versioning.

Edit Locking

Edit locking protects your content from accidental deletion and dual editing by making it possible for only one user to edit each procedure at a time. If one user attempts to edit or delete a procedure that another user is currently editing, they will be unable to do so. Additionally, if a user has edited a procedure, but did not save before exiting, the next user to edit the procedure will have the option to continue editing using the latest auto save version, or revert back to before the edits were made.


We have rolled out phase one of content Versioning, and it is already working within the system. With phase one of Versioning, every time you edit and save a procedure, the content is recorded and stored in our database so it is never lost or completely deleted. When phase two is rolled out at a future date, you will be able to view and restore previous versions of procedures.

Pro Editing Tip: You can undo an accidental deletion by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Z (PC) or CMD + Z (Mac).

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We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for improving your experience with Way We Do. Let us know what you think about Edit Locking and Versioning, and tell us about any other features you would like to see by contacting the Way We Do support team

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