About Way We Do:


It is our mission to help business owners, franchisors and their teams succeed by providing tools and services that simplify the way they run their organisations. “Systems thinking” can transform your business and teams who are equipped with knowledge, expertise and work the system, make businesses fly!

“Way We Do” is a product of Keyword Intent Pty Ltd. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Keyword Intent has been in operation since May 2009 and is known for Internet marketing services and development of web based applications.

The company is owned by Jacqui Jones and Daniel Sargeant whom both have a long standing in the business and technical communities in Brisbane, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States.

Being business owners themselves and experienced managers, Jacqui and Dan understand the challenges that businesses face on a day to day basis with running a profitable organisation.

If you are in start-up mode, an established business or you are towards the end of your business life and want to sell, Way We Do adds value to your company.

Jacqui Jones, Managing Director, Keyword Intent

Jacqui Jones 
Managing Director, Keyword Intent Pty Ltd
An Internet consultant at a management level for approximately 15 years. Experience covers most facets of the online channel including search marketing (both organic and paid), social media, email, sms, mobile web, display advertising, website design and build, usability, ecommerce and developing “software as a service” web applications. Has international experience with companies and organisations from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA.

You can learn more about Jacqui at: http://au.linkedin.com/in/jacquijones

Dan Sargeant, Technical Director, Keyword Intent Pty LtdDan Sargeant 
Technical Director, Keyword Intent Pty Ltd
Dan is the primary developer of the Keyword Intent SEO and Online PR platform and oversees the development of Way We Do. He has over 15 years development experience at a senior level and provides ongoing technical support and development.  Until recently, he was also the team lead of the consumer layer at Findly, a revolutionary online recruitment platform that automatically acquires, manages, screens and engages warm candidates.

You can learn more about Dan at: http://au.linkedin.com/in/danielsargeant


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