“I need a Procedure Writer and SOP Authoring Software”

A procedure writer is a professional who:


  • Documents policies and procedures in written, audio or video formats for others to follow
  • Knows the target audience and their ability to understand information
  • Interviews subject matter experts and gathers information from other sources
  • Understands process mapping, flowcharting and has skills to use SOP (standard operating procedure) authoring software
  • Makes recommendations on how to improve a process


Way We Do Procedure Writers


We provide procedure writing services whereby our consultants interview your subject matter experts online or onsite. We start with a procedure planning process, outlining all required policies, procedures, work instructions and learning materials for your business or organization.

Our procedure writers understand both technical and non-technical information and have the ability to write instructions that adhere to industry regulations and standards.

How much will it cost?


Hourly rates for procedure writers vary depending upon experience and capability required for your project. Additionally, pricing will vary depending on the media format in which procedures are required (text, video, audio, images).

We will review the requirements of your project and provide a proposal. Procedure writers are usually engaged for periods between 1 week and 12 months.

All procedures are centralized within Way We Do’s cloud-based SOP Software, enabling you and your team to access them easily. An annual subscription is applicable and a discount provided for larger teams.

Of course, if you have your own procedure writers and content, you can use Way We Do without engaging our team. Our primary focus is providing quality SOP Software using modern technologies, enabling your team to actively use procedures from your manual in the cloud.


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