How to Create Your Ideal Organization Chart

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  • Provide a map of roles and responsibilities.
  • Clarify hierarchy and reporting structures.
  • Increase visibility and transparency.
  • Create an easy reference for growth, expansion and promotion.
  • Help new employees learn the purpose and goals of the organization.

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I had all sorts of operational documents scattered all over my laptop computer. I had no organizational chart to show the employees rank and roles within our company. My safety program was outdated and wouldn't pass an OSHA inspection. My employee manual was outdated and fragmented and not everyone had the latest version.

There was massive disorganization, confusion and frustration. I spent too much time trying to organize things so that I could access them. I had documents on my server, laptop and my work computer.

The price of Way We Do was reasonable and I was impressed by how easy it was to create procedures. The fact that I could paste in my existing documents meant I could use what I already had which made things easier.

With Way We Do, I now have a complete HR and Safety manual that I can easily update to fit regulatory changes. I can now notify my employees easily of the changes and know that they have acknowledged the changes.

I have an organizational chart and developed roles for each person with complete job descriptions. Everyone in our company now has access to the same version of our employee handbook.

We now have a single access point for how our company operates. Everything from how to open the store to how we park cars. Now when a new hire comes on we can easier review how they will do their job and the role they will play within the procedures. I keep every important business process document in one place and I can access them anytime anywhere with knowing they are secure.

Personally this has made me so much more organized. I'm no longer wasting time looking for documents it's all within Way We Do.  I now have shared how the business operates through rather than those instructions coming directly from me.

The operations manual allows me to manage from the agreed upon procedures.  Everyone knows their role and knows their job description. It has made our business run much smoother and with much less oversight from me. I can simply refer to the procedures and use that to correct behavior or failings. My managers know how I want the business to operate and can refer to the procedures for help.

Jeff Odom, Owner Jeff Odom, Owner
Evergreen Autoworks