Create an organization chart

Identify the communication lines within your business and establish all the roles necessary to make your business fly.

The first day of work for any new team member can be incredibly confusing as to who works in the business and what their roles are.

Way We Do enables you to create an organization chart to identify the communication lines within your business and share this with your team. This is where you design your business to be based upon roles and not individual people you already employ. For established businesses, it helps you to reflect upon the structure of your organization and understand the roles that are required.

Organization Chart

When you create an organisation chart within Way We Do, role descriptions are automatically created, ready for you to complete the template. Allowing your people to not only see an organisation chart, but also to understand the duties and responsibilities of roles, provides understanding and respect of what each team member does. It also provides a career path for your team to understand where they can grow within the business.

Even if you have a small number of people in your business and you are performing multiple roles, one day you will hire others to take over and manage those functions.

Systemize your business with Way We Do today.